Весенняя смена в Санта Лингве

предлагает образовательную языковую программу 
для учащихся c 1 по 11 класс 
в весенние каникулы с 22 по 28 марта 2020 года. 
Программа проводится на базе  
ДОЛ "Дзержинец"

Sessions in “Santa Lingua” are always funny and amusing. There are several very informative and useful events:

- morning exercises with foreigners
- fascinating clubs
- quests and thinking up evening shows

All of this is an ordinary day in SL.

But from time to time, something peculiar happens, that not everyone can see it out the corner of the eye. In this SL session, we decided to figure out what was going to happen during a completely ordinary session. Therefore, we are recruiting daredevils and adventurers to capture anything strange or mysterious, to find out what is the matter. And you can become one of those who can help us with this!